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About Us

the new Acoustic decorative

More than just Acoustic panels

EliAcoustic is a company based in Alicante (Spain), which designs and produces decorative acoustic panels with innovative solutions.

In addition to the engineering, consulting and acoustic tests teams, we have specialists in design and interior design, allowing us to envision, design and produce beautiful acoustic panels. Inspired by the latest trends, and developed after years of acoustic research in our laboratory, EliAcoustic products represent a new way to improve the room acoustics.

Almacen EliAcoustic

Architects, interior designers, engineers…

work very hard to make our life more comfortable. Your job is driving force for change in our society. To help, we have a project team that will guide them to inspire their designs and seek new acoustic solutions.

From now on, the designers of enclosures, may create more beautiful places with the best acoustic comfort. Our panels can improve the acoustics of spaces such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, home-cinemas, recording studios, television studios… Along with providing a finish and unique design. The design of all products EliAcoustic, is subject to a continuous process of improvement by our engineers. Our goal is to get the best audio performance in each product.

Our Headquarters

A place for acoustic comfort. EliAcoustic offices represent a space where comfort and functionality come together.

An office open to the outside to take advantage of the fantastic Mediterranean light. A diaphanous space work permits continuous collaboration between different departments (engineering, design …)

Our Values
  • Acoustical panels with decorative finish.
  • Always we committed to R & D and design. These are core values in EliAcoustic.
  • A line of products designed for decorating.
  • Manufactured to optimize the acoustic performance.

Project and Support Team

If you have any questions, don´t worry, we have a dedicated project department to resolve you on all questions. Would you like a profesional acoustic treatment Project for your Restaurant, Hi-End Room, Home-cinema , Recording Studio…