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Acoustic Panels for Music Club by EliAcoustic – Acoustic Decorative

03 Ago Acoustic Panels for Music Club by EliAcoustic – Acoustic Decorative

Do you like Music Clubs with powerful sound? Whith EliAcoustic acoustic panels for music club it is possible.

With acoustic panels EliAcoustic you can get a more defined sound, with powerful bass and clear vocals.

Mallorca is one of the world’s cities with more party. Clubs, music and fun usually go hand in hand.

The new Music Club Decapolis, located in Mallorca, contacted with EliAcoustic to improve the sound. They wanted to have the best sound of the island.

EliAcoustic - Acoustic Treatment for music club - Disco Pub - Mallorca (1)

To do this, we visit the club to make reverberation time measurements, so we can offer a solution.

On the initial measurement the reverberation time was 2,3 s. The ideal Reverberation Time is 0,6 s. It was neccesary to install acoustic paneles whith high acoustic absorption to reduce reverberation time.

After all measurements and acoustic project, the customer installed acoustic panels «EliAcoustic Regular Panel First» on ceiling and acoustic panels on walls «EliAcoustic Surf Premiere» / «EliAcoustic Curve Panel Premiere».

EliAcoustic Surf Premiere

Acoustic panel EliAcoustic Surf Premiere Black (27)


The result is spectacular, 0,6 seconds of Reverberation Time. A clear, powerful and well-balanced sound. And also beautifull.

If you want to hear an incredible sound, visit Decapolis Music Club in Mallorca (and do not forget to look up at the ceiling and walls!)

EliAcoustic - Acoustic Treatment Disco Pub - Mallorca (3)                    EliAcoustic - Acoustic Treatment Disco Pub - Mallorca (5)

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