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Author: EliAcoustic

EliAcoustic attended The Habitat Valencia Fair

EliAcoustic attended The Habitat Valencia Fair The Habitat Valencia Fair, publishes the latest EliAcoustic Acoustic panels to be exhibited from 1 to 5 February 2016 in Habitat. http://www.feriahabitatvalencia.com/en/nuevo-panel-acustico-sealand-de-eliacustic/...

We have designed ‎EliAcoustic Marine

EliAcoustic presents its new panel EliAcoustic Marine We have designed ‪#‎EliAcoustic Marine with absorbent and reflective areas that provide ‪#‎SoundAbsorption while maintaining the necessary brightness. This panel is suitable for treatment from low-mid to high frequencies. It is a perfect solution for Hi-End s rooms, recording studios and auditoriums. On its...

We started the week with 2 new Acoustic Projects‬

‪#‎AcousticTreatment for a ‪#‎HomeCinema, and ‪#‎ReduceNoise in a restaurant. Acoustic projects with customized solutions. Our project department is working on them! ‪#‎EliAcoustic always sounds good Acoustic conditioning of a home theater.   Improve the acoustic comfort of a restaurant. In this restaurant, we use acoustic panels that follow the aesthetic line to integrate them into...

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