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Large Image With Sidebar

24 Ago Acoustic Panels with Premiere Finish

 EliAcoustic - Acoustic Decorative, present the acoustic paneles with decorative finish. The finish premiere is specially designed and manufactured for those seeking the best acoustic performance and maximum design. EliAcoustic Curve 60 Premiere RedWine provides an acoustic solution that integrates on the same panel a high acoustic...

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21 May We have designed ‎EliAcoustic Marine

EliAcoustic presents its new panel EliAcoustic Marine We have designed ‪#‎EliAcoustic Marine with absorbent and reflective areas that provide ‪#‎SoundAbsorption while maintaining the necessary brightness. This panel is suitable for treatment from low-mid to high frequencies. It is a perfect solution for Hi-End s rooms, recording studios and auditoriums. On its...

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21 May We started the week with 2 new Acoustic Projects‬

‪#‎AcousticTreatment for a ‪#‎HomeCinema, and ‪#‎ReduceNoise in a restaurant. Acoustic projects with customized solutions. Our project department is working on them! ‪#‎EliAcoustic always sounds good Acoustic conditioning of a home theater.   Improve the acoustic comfort of a restaurant. In this restaurant, we use acoustic panels that follow the aesthetic line to integrate them into...

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