We started the week with 2 new Acoustic Projects‬ | EliAcoustic
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21 May We started the week with 2 new Acoustic Projects‬

‪#‎AcousticTreatment for a ‪#‎HomeCinema, and ‪#‎ReduceNoise in a restaurant. Acoustic projects with customized solutions.

Our project department is working on them!

‪#‎EliAcoustic always sounds good

Acoustic conditioning of a home theater.

Home cinema project - EliAcoustic News EliAcoustic-1_2


News EliAcoustic-1_3

Improve the acoustic comfort of a restaurant.

In this restaurant, we use acoustic panels that follow the aesthetic line to integrate them into the same decoration initially designed.
We improve the aesthetics while achieving an acoustic comfort that significantly improves the quality of the restaurant.

News EliAcoustic-1_4 News EliAcoustic-1_5

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