ELIACOUSTIC - personalized decorative acoustic panels. Made with foam and PET ECOPanel

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We are manufacturers of decorative acoustic panels with sustainable materials

At ELIACOUSTIC we design and produce decorative acoustic panels with innovative solutions to reduce reverberation
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Our [ECO]Panel panels are the result of our commitment to the environment and plastic-free oceans. Made with recycled materials, specifically PET plastics.

With this, we not only reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the oceans, but we also provide a sustainable and quality solution to improve the acoustics of spaces.


Creativity, passion and professionalism define us. We adapt as much if you want make your design come true as if you want our team to propose you a custom solution for reduce the noise in your room and condition it acoustically. Our origins as a service company Acoustic Engineering, allows us to adjust and adapt the solution and budget to your needs. We offer the acoustic solution that you need.

decorative acoustic panels - free acoustic study

Free acoustic study

We analyze and propose just what you need

Decorative acoustic panels - Personalized advice

Personalized advice

Engineers and designers will develop your project

Custom design

We guarantee unique and personalized solutions

Custom manufacturing

If we can design it we can manufacture it

Installer team

Highly efficient professionals

Learn about the new decorative Acoustic Panels, both made of acoustic foam and recycled PET ECOPanel

Acoustic Projects

More than acoustic panels

At ELIACOUSTIC we are constantly inspired by the latest trends in the sector to create innovative solutions that transform spaces into acoustic experiences.

We are passionate about quality sound and are always committed to offering the best in the sector.

Every project we undertake is an opportunity to seek excellence. We do not settle for standard solutions, but rather we explore cutting-edge technologies, avant-garde materials, and we have the best professionals. We are not afraid of challenges! And if not, take a look in our project area.

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Expand your catalog of products and services with our range of acoustic panels

More than just acoustic panels

With more than 15 years of experience, we are dedicated to the world of decorative acoustics, developing all projects with special dedication and care.

Our products are designed and manufactured for those looking for a quality acoustic experience without sacrificing the design and statics of their spaces.

Inspired by the latest trends, our team of engineers develops all innovations in our research laboratory, thus continually perfecting and improving our products.

ELIACOUSTIC acoustic panels are designed with the aim of improving acoustics in restaurants, offices, home cinemas, recording studios, broadcast rooms, sports halls, school cafeterias, pubs, etc.

The design of our products is subject to a continuous improvement process to achieve the best acoustic performance.

Located in Alicante, we work with a large team of engineers, designers and interior designers with whom we can develop any custom project anywhere in the world.

Technical Support Team

If you have any questions, don't worry. We have a dedicated project department to resolve all issues.

You want a professional acoustic project for your restaurant, Hi end room. Home cinema, recording studio, school, offices...

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